Quantix was founded in 1995. The idea was to create a product that met the needs of our customers today, and that was prepared for their needs tomorrow. An updatable, computerized system that used technology that was very powerful, and that made the ticketing process easier to learn and run.

As a result, Quantix was the first system that used a touchscreen interface at the point of sale and that was specifically designed to operate in the 32-bit Windows 95 operating system. Since then, we have stayed at the forefront, leveraging the lastest Windows operating systems and never losing sight of the idea that it's only useful if virtually anyone can learn to use it.

Our customers felt the same way. Along the way, we added group sales, photo IDs, food and beverage sales, retail and online sales functionality. Quantix has evolved into a total system solution for any type of entertainment facility, with the ability to grow with you. We have clients in over 120 entertainment facilities in 9 countries around the world. We are known for having a system that is easy to learn, easy to use, and for our outstanding customer service.

To stay at the front of our industry, we are constantly looking for ways to make our product better, which has led to our developing the Value Card technology, our integration of the Internet with ticketing, and our more recent work with RF technology. We never tire of looking for ways to take Quantix--and your facility--to the next level.

Got a question? Ask us. We are here to serve you.