CONTROL ENTRY Control the time, location, and frequency where guests may enter the facility. A red light and message displays to the attendant to alert them to any fraudulent attempt to enter.

SCALABLE Ideal for any combination of scanning devices from one unit to one hundred. Response time is instantaneous and reliable.

REAL-TIME COUNTS As guests enter the facility, you can see real-time counts displayed on your monitor. Exit turnstiles can also be integrated so that as guests leave the facility, you can obtain an accurate in-park count.

DIRECT TO GATE Guests with pre-printed group or consignment tickets can proceed directly to the gate and bypass the ticket line. Same benefit for season pass holders and members. Guests who purchased tickets over the Internet may also bypass the ticket line and proceed to the gate.

MESSAGES Helpful messages display at the scanning device to alert your attendant to any unauthorized entry. Keep lines moving quickly while preventing unauthorized entry.

DEMOGRAPHICS Track the frequency of member usage, guest flow, density and time information.

REPORTING Obtain comprehensive usage reports for all tickets and passes scanned in the system. Ideal for groups and consignment ticket programs where guests may proceed directly to the gate and bypass the ticket line. Invoice your consignment customers based on actual passage through the gates.

ANY TICKET TYPE Fully integrated with all types of tickets that can be issued through Quantix. This includes general admission, timed/capacity tickets, reserved seating tickets and season pass holders or members.

WIDE VARIETY OF DEVICES Access control is compatible with a wide variety of scanning devices. You can scan directly through any POS station, turnstile, or stand-alone scanning unit. Turnstiles and scanning units can be customized to your exact needs with lights, display, scanner and sound. Units
can be ordered with either a stainless steel finish or any color of your choice.


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