General Admission Ticketing

TOUCHSCREEN INTERFACE Fast, simple sales. That is what Quantix is all about. Check out our simple touchscreen interface, where any cashier can learn to use the system in just a few seconds.

INTERNET-BASED PROCESSING Fast credit-card processing with 1-2 second response time is included at no charge with every Quantix system. Requires only an Internet connection and eliminates unnecessary phone lines at all POS stations. End of the day batching can be done automatically, and
comprehensive reporting is also included.

PHOTO ID Included with every system is the ability to create unlimited passes, membership cards and employee IDs. Graphical card layout lets you design your cards to look any way you like. Card printing is fast, simple, and cards can be renewed, suspended or deleted with one click.

COUPONS AND DISCOUNTS Create unlimited coupons and discounts which can be tracked and managed through the POS. Numerous filters help cashiers to ensure they only accept the correct coupon for the item being sold.

MARKETING Powerful zip-code collection at the POS in addition to the ability to create customer surveys. All compatible with the touchscreen interface for super fast data collection.

CASH CONTROL Tight controls on all cash transactions and accurate, detailed reports. Reduce the amount of time required to reconcile cashier drawers every night and reduce cashier theft and fraud.

REPORTING Fast, accurate reports that can all be exported into ASCII and Excel formats. View reports on screen, or print them to any printer.

FOOD AND RETAIL SALES In addition to ticket sales you can also sell any food or retail merchandise from the same simple interface. Cashiers don’t have to learn a new system when selling in different areas of the facility.

PACKAGES AND COMBINATIONS Create packages of tickets, food, and products which can be sold from the POS as one item. Break out revenue to multiple general-ledger numbers for simple tracking of sales.

SECURITY Define unlimited user IDs and set permissions as simply as clicking the mouse. Control where users may login and currency types they can accept.

RENTALS Track revolving inventory such as lockers, audio headsets, strollers, tubes and ski rentals. Inventory must be checked in – with the deposit refunded – before it can be checked back out, thus eliminating cashier fraud.

TICKET PRINTING You have the option to print traditional tickets on a thermal ticket printer, on a receipt printer or not at all. The use of a receipt printer for ticket printing lowers cost for stock and reduces equipment in the ticket booth.



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