Group Sales

FORMS Customized contract, invoice, or confirmation letters can be printed with one click of your mouse, itemizing group items, and payment information.

CHECK-IN Quickly check groups in directly from the POS. Modify payment, quantities, and print tickets using our simple touchscreen interface.

TICKET PRINTING Tickets for a group can be printed ahead of time or when the group arrives. Print one ticket for the entire group, a ticket for each individual group member, or no tickets at all.

CONSIGNMENT TICKET TRACKING Track and manage your consignment ticket programs. Batch print large orders, track all tickets distributed, scan upon entry into the facility, and get detailed reporting of all consignment
ticket usage.

PAYMENT COLLECTION Payments, deposits, and A/R for a group booking can be collected and tracked a variety of ways. Group payments can be accepted before, during, or after the event.

LOCATION SCHEDULING Prevent double-booking through a location -scheduling process for your picnic areas, meeting rooms or other common areas.

CUSTOMER DATABASE Easily create a database of all group-sales customers. This database can be used for quick and easy mailing labels, letters, or other marketing documents.

REPORTING Quickly view reservations, sales, and payment history for any of your customers. This valuable information is right at your fingertips any time you need it.

RESERVATIONS Create a booking to include tickets, food, products, rentals, and location reservations. System alerts you to any conflicts or double bookings. Also includes the ability to schedule facility layouts.



Group Sales

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