MULTIPLE TICKET TYPES General admission, event timed/capacity and reserved-seating ticket types can all be sold over the Internet. Season passes and memberships can be sold and renewed as well.

ONLINE TICKET AND MEMBERSHIP SALES The ease, speed, security, and convenience of selling on the Internet.

PRINT TICKETS AT HOME AND WILL-CALL Your customers can choose to pick up their tickets at the facility, have them mailed or print them at home. Tickets printed at home provide your customer the convenience of going straight to the gate, and saves you time and money.

TICKETS SCANNED AT GATE Customers save time, you get better efficiency with less room for errors at the POS.

INTERNET DISCOUNTS Offer added value to your customers and drive traffic to your Internet site.

REAL-TIME SALES Automatically keeps track of how many tickets you’ve sold. Ticket sales are done securely, in real time for timed/reserved seating facilities. The local database is updated immediately to ensure that you don’t oversell seats for walk-up customers.

USE YOUR EXISTING WEB SITE Simply add a button to your current web site to begin using the Quantix Internet Ticket Sales. The Quantix template can be designed with your company logo and information, or the software can run within your existing frame environment for a truly seamless look and feel.

SECURE CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS Safe and secure methods of accepting credit-card payments. With built-in fraud protection and credit card verification, you can rest easy knowing your money is secure.

ADVERTISING ON YOUR ETICKET Add any message you like on the tickets to drive merchandise sales.

SAVES TIME AND MONEY Run more efficiently and with fewer errors.



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