Inventory Control

VENDOR DATABASE Track vendor name, address, telephone number, email and much more. User can also sort by vendor name and unique vendor number.

PURCHASING Create and track unlimited purchase orders. Auto-fill feature will complete your PO with any items that have fallen below minimum quantity.

RECEIVING Check in items as they are received. Includes partial check-in. Print barcoded labels and tags directly from check-in window.

ADJUSTMENTS Manual adjustments to on-hand inventory for any reason such as theft, damage or miscount. Quantix maintains an adjustment history for all items.

QUALIFIERS Create a matrix of options for any item such as color and size. Quantix allows you to sell, track and maintain the item options quickly and easily.

PHYSICAL COUNTS Update your on-hand inventory counts with the system counts using our simple worksheet.

SCANNING All items may be scanned at the POS for sale, selected from the screen or chosen from a list for fast, accurate sales.

CATEGORY/DEPARTMENT Define unlimited departments and categories, and place items within them for easier tracking and reporting.

LOCATION Specify unlimited selling locations for your items. Quantix will transfer inventory between locations and keep on-hand counts for each location.

GENERAL LEDGER NUMBER Attach the desired general ledger number to each item for easy revenue reporting.

ON-HAND STOCK Your current on-hand stock is automatically adjusted reflecting sales at the POS station.

ON-HAND/MINIMUM STOCK QUANTITY Set your minimum and normal stock levels for each item. Also view your current on-hand stock for any item, automatically adjusted through the POS station.



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Inventory Control

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