Photo ID / Membership

BULLETPROOF SECURITY Passes can be customized to allow access on only certain days, seasons, or specific times of the day and can be quickly reprinted if lost or stolen. Passes can also be deleted, revoked or suspended.

REPORTING/MAIL MERGE Retain centralized, real-time reporting for tickets as well as passes. Comprehensive reporting also includes pass usage, guest lists, and sales totals, all of which can be exported into any word processing or spreadsheet application.

GRAPHICAL CARD LAYOUT A graphical card-layout screen lets you easily setup and define what your ID cards will look like when printed. Add your logo, company disclaimer, customer photo and more, all with the click of the mouse. Easily redesign cards every year with updated dates, colors,
and photos.

SCAN PASSES Track the frequency of your guests’ visits and restrict unauthorized uses. Passes can be scanned at the point of sale, through a turnstile, or stand-alone scanning unit. Once scanned, the system prevents the pass from being used again in the same day.

RENEW PASSES You can renew a pass without printing a new card. The system keeps the expiration date and updates it when the customer pays their renewal fee. Reduce overhead costs and increase customer satisfaction in one simple step with this powerful feature.

VALUE CARD Combine any pass or membership card with a value card. Enable your guests to make purchases at your facility with one card. Can be used at the gift shop, for food or any item sold at the facility.

MULTIPLE PROCESSING LOCATIONS Enter a name and address at one location and take a picture from another location. Speed up your lines while increasing staff productivity. Simple cameras can be added to any POS location for quick capture of photos and high-tech ID card printers can print cards from multiple locations.



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