Reserved Seating

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES Create unlimited events for any date or time. Attach tickets to the event to determine pricing and layout. Charge single or multiple prices for any section.

FAST SALES Pick your own seats or let the system choose the best available. Cashiers can view sections on screen and zoom in for a detailed look at what’s available.

NO PER-TICKET CHARGES, EVER You control sales. Sell an unlimited number of tickets for any length of time and never have to worry about per-ticket charges.

SEASON TICKETS Season tickets are simple and efficient in Quantix. Easily select the events for which a season-ticket holder may attend. Assign them the same seats for every event. Print your season-ticket holder a plastic card, good for all events. They simply proceed directly to the gate and don’t have to worry about keeping track of paper tickets.

ACCESS CONTROL Reserved-seating tickets can be scanned a variety of ways including through a turnstile. The barcode is invalidated upon scan to prevent misuse and duplication.

REPORTING Powerful reporting for each event to inform you about seats sold, available, and on hold. Tickets sold, cash collected and scanned items are all accounted for in simple-to-read report formats.

PRESELL TICKETS FOR ANY DAY POS screen updates to display reserved- seating events available for a future day. Tickets print using correct information for a future day and time.

INTERNET Reserved-seating tickets can be sold on the Internet. Seat assignments are updated to prevent overselling. Guests can print tickets at home and proceed directly to the gate at your facility.

SEATING CHARTS Build and maintain your own seating charts, with no limit to the number of charts in your system. Graphical display allows you to add and delete seats with one click of the mouse.



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