Value Cards

FULLY INTEGRATED Simple to install, easy to learn and easy to run. Cards can be used for purchases at any POS station. Guests can also check their remaining value from any POS or kiosk location.

STREAMLINE CASH CONTROL No cash is ever collected by the cashier, thus no cash can be stolen. This also means cashiers do not have to cash out at the end of their session, reducing overall labor costs.

INTEGRATED HARDWARE Provide valuable information to your customer with a detailed receipt and display. Every value card transaction prints a receipt for the customer with the history of their transaction and remaining value. This information is also provided to the guest on a display.

REUSE CARDS Cut the cost of ticket stock down or eliminate it completely. Customers can keep their cards as souvenirs or reuse them during future visits to your facility. Sell a portion of the card as advertising to your vendors and maximize the benefit to your guest.

COMBINATION CARDS Value cards can be combined with any season pass or membership. Guests can gain admission to the facility and make purchases with one powerful card. Speed up the ticket line, as these guests may proceed directly to the gate.

GIFT CERTIFICATES A marketing tool that is a great way to expand your business. Value cards are perfect for any type of gift-certificate program. Issue a card for a preset value for any dollar amount the customer wants to add. Tight controls allow you to keep track of the amount on value cards not yet redeemed as well as all dollars redeemed for merchandise.

REVENUE TRACKING Value-card revenue is tracked in an unearned revenue account. As purchases are made at the facility, that revenue becomes earned and is reflected on the sales reports. At any moment, you can see how much revenue has been generated through value cards.

ADMISSION OR CASH VALUES A convenient way to make purchases without having to carry cash. Cards can carry a cash value, admission value or both. This dual function enables members to use their card for entry into the facility as well as purchases.




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